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Teeth Veneers

There was once an age where people went to dentists to get their teeth fixed. Now though, improving the appearance of teeth has taken priority.

Cosmetic solutions for teeth have gained much importance over the last few decades, with dental clinics materializing like rabbits in Sydney, offering various procedures to improve the appearance of one’s teeth.

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Teeth Veneers Sydney

Changing Appearance

At Smile Concepts, we specialize in cosmetic dental procedures in the Sydney region; our forte being porcelain crowns and teeth veneers. Teeth veneers are, these days, a much sought-after dental procedure due to their surprising effectiveness and resemblance to natural teeth. With teeth veneers, one can completely change the appearance of their original teeth, to resemble one they like. You could even get a likeness of Brad Pitt’s teeth if you so desire!

Porcelain Teeth Veneers

Teeth veneers are basically a thin custom-made shell that is placed upon a person’s real teeth; effectively serving as a mask for one’s teeth. Made of different materials, currently teeth veneers in Sydney are primarily manufactured using high-grade porcelain. In the past, dentists used composite resin to fabricate veneers but porcelain teeth veneers fast gained popularity due to their increased resistance to stains and discolouring, as compared to the composite resin ones.

The Perfect Smile

One of the major reasons that people opt for porcelain teeth veneers in Sydney is the complete makeover of the appearance of teeth; thus enabling you to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. No more crooked or discoloured teeth. With the advent of teeth veneers, people around the globe have opted for the procedure in order to get the fabled ‘Hollywood’ smile!

How to Get It Done?

The act of extolling the virtues of teeth veneers probably has you wondering how to get one done. In general, getting a teeth veneer requires 3 trips to the dentist. The first one is a simple consultation where you are told whether a veneer is the ideal solution for your particular case. The second and third trips are to make and apply a custom-tailored teeth veneer.


When getting a dental veneer, teeth condition must be factored in the decision. Dental veneers cannot be applied on every sort of teeth; thus make sure you choose a qualified dentist for the process. Call us now to book in a consultation and let us help you smile again!

The Process


To get started, visit our clinic in Sydney and schedule a consultation where you would be given a choice of all the options available for you in regards to the types of porcelain veneers to get.


The expert staff will take impressions of your teeth, photographs and get a mockup of your smile created on a model.


The expert staff will take impressions of your teeth and prepare your existing set of teeth for the veneers (0.5mm of tooth enamel required). Temporary veneers are placed on your teeth. The new veneer will be ready within the next 3 weeks.


The last visit consists of cementing your veneers on your teeth after you have approved the look and feel of them.

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