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Porcelain Crowns

An increasingly popular form of dental restoration, porcelain crowns are literally the best crown a tooth can get!

Let’s take a look at the what, why and how of a porcelain crown.

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Porcelain Crowns

What is a Porcelain Crown?

No we’re not talking about the gaudy ornaments worn by royalty. In clinical terms, a tooth is divided into two basic parts: the root and the crown. The root is the part containing gums and bones, while the crown is the portion that is visible, and is commonly called the tooth in layman terms. The restorative structure that covers the original crown is referred to as a dental crown. Today, dental porcelain crowns are being developed using increasingly complex and aesthetically pleasing materials like porcelain, which closely resemble a natural crown in feel, function, and appearance. Porcelain crowns are fast becoming the industry standard.

Why Get a Dental Crown?

Dental crown restorations are used in a variety of situations. Initially, dental crowns were used to fix teeth that had large cavities, or were prone to cracking due to root canal procedures. Nowadays, crowns are increasingly being used for aesthetic purposes since the advent of porcelain crowns. The most common use of dental crowns though, remains the restoration of fracturing or chipped teeth. When a tooth, due to any reason, is under stress and pain is felt when one chews, a dental crown is often the best option.

The Crown of Gold

One occasionally encounters people on the street with a golden tooth. These are a type of dental crowns that has been in use traditionally. Gold dental crowns are the most durable ones and are easier to apply; the downside is of course the ostentatious appearance. Golden crowns are past their heyday now though, having seen considerable use in pop culture once upon a time.

Why Porcelain Crown

Currently the most common type of dental crowns, porcelain crowns are aesthetically similar to natural crowns. It is nearly impossible to distinguish a porcelain crown from a natural one, once fitted. Such crowns are increasingly becoming popular due to their translucent characteristics that are nearly the same as a natural crown.

People looking for a crown restoration, be it for medical purposes, or just to improve the appearance of their teeth, would be well-advised to consider porcelain crowns. This category of crowns is true to nature and is highly compatible with different dental setups.

The Process


To get started, visit our clinic in Sydney and schedule a consultation where you would be given a choice of all the options available for you in regards to the types of porcelain veneers to get.


The expert staff will take impressions of your teeth, photographs and get a mockup of your smile created on a model.


The expert staff will take impressions of your teeth and prepare your existing set of teeth for the veneers (0.5mm of tooth enamel required). Temporary veneers are placed on your teeth. The new veneer will be ready within the next 3 weeks.


The last visit consists of cementing your veneers on your teeth after you have approved the look and feel of them.

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Call us to set up an appointment with our highly experienced cosmetic dentists, and find out whether a porcelain crown is your best bet!

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