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Cost of Porcelain Veneers

Just a few years back, getting a dental veneer was considered a huge step, largely due to the hefty cost of veneers being unjustifiable for most people.

Porcelain veneers changed all that. The wafer-thin ceramic veneers penetrated the market and spread like wild fire! The natural appearance and relatively low cost of porcelain veneers was one of the major reasons for its success in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

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Cost of Dental Veneers Sydney

With porcelain veneers, cost of such surgeries eventually reached acceptable levels and an increasing number of people began flocking towards cosmetic dentistry procedures involving porcelain veneers. Cost, although still a large factor when considering a dental veneer procedure, is at least justifiable to some degree at this point in Sydney. People who have lived with crooked or mis-shapen teeth for many years, often crave for the level of cosmetic improvements offered by porcelain veneers and thus, tend to justify the cost.


You must be wondering at this point, how much do porcelain veneers cost in Sydney? Starting from $1000, costs can increase depending upon the complexity of your specific veneers, since they are custom-made for each person. The number of veneers you get is also a huge factor in the cost of porcelain veneer procedures. But the benefits of a decent dental veneer job far outweigh the projected costs of a porcelain veneer. With a dental veneer, you can completely transform your smile and gain the ‘wow’ factor you always wanted!


While numerous technological advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry have made dental veneers much less complex, it is still a delicate procedure and requires a considerable degree of expertise to implement. Getting a good cosmetic dentist should be an utmost priority for anyone, when considering a porcelain veneer procedure.


Besides the experience and assurance of a good dentist, cost of veneers is also affected when one opts for a reputable cosmetic dentist. At Smile Concepts in Sydney, our experienced staff even provides consultation and advice if a less expensive dental veneer alternative is available than the one you intended to get in the first place; thus effectively reducing the cost of porcelain veneers.
Getting a dental veneer is now easier than ever. Visit a reputable cosmetic dentist today for an initial consultation; another trip to get the veneer made; and the last trip to get it implemented. That’s all there is to getting a porcelain veneer in this age! Call us for a consultation today.

The Process


To get started, visit our clinic in Sydney and schedule a consultation where you would be given a choice of all the options available for you in regards to the types of porcelain veneers to get.


The expert staff will take impressions of your teeth, photographs and get a mockup of your smile created on a model.


The expert staff will take impressions of your teeth and prepare your existing set of teeth for the veneers (0.5mm of tooth enamel required). Temporary veneers are placed on your teeth. The new veneer will be ready within the next 3 weeks.


The last visit consists of cementing your veneers on your teeth after you have approved the look and feel of them.

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